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Astell & Kern - Haute Audiology tempts Haute Horlogerie!For a long time It's about time just a coincidence, that watch collectors surrounded themselves wealthy in quality products, however i now understand that many share an identical preference, when it comes to premium quality devices, clothing along with other items.A product available a lot more among these watch community guys, is Astell & Kern.- AK240 in steel with all the AKT5p Headphones, while using balanced input for the player -Most of my watch friends around the globe possess a few replica watches produced by high-end brands being a. Lange & Sohne, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and needless to say from independents like the highly popular Urwerk, Hautlence, Max Büsser & Friends yet others. Watch connoisseurs go for quality, where you can preference for exclusivity, therefor they're often surrounded with products from brands like Leica, Vertu, Rimowa or Berlutti. Astell & Kern fits correct in with these brands i noticed a number of players present amongst my girlfriends. This doesn't surprise me, since Astell & Kern features a high-quality product and shares the many main reasons ,together with the just mentioned brands. Particularly in relation to its exclusivity and  quality.Astell & Kern is a fairly small independent Korean audio brand, (devoted to 'personal audio') that created from the iRiver Group next year. Business started with several quality portable audio players, and became in a nutshell time, the best in 'High End Personal Audio', with players much like the AK240 and AK380.Second in command James Lee and Marketing Manager Alex Ann, run the corporation fairly totally different from other sellers and in actual fact similar to a few of the exclusive watch brands do. The Korean brand keeps hold of their users by organizing meetings and a social event, using a small scale, where products can be seen and tried, questions asked and a lot important, have got a great evening with good wine, food and friends.Astell & Kern does that in many cases, such as this party in Ho Chi Minh, that came about last month. I attended earlier parties in Singapore and Hong Kong and I could taste the passionate atmosphere on the list of guests. But not planned yet, I am certain these gatherings will even occur in Europe along with north america sooner as the financial markets are expanding.Naturally, these players is fine well together with your MP3 downloads, but they really start to display their true potential after they will be loaded with albums in FLAC or WAV format. I go to that in just a minute.Let's first have a look how these players are created and why they're so totally different from other players. Many players are packed in the boring rectangle cigarette shaped box, Astell & Kern is approximately a design that elevates its appearance and feel. The form in the 300 series is really pleasing and other, will imagine, some folks need to get utilized to it. This is why design meets functionality. Unexpected lines and angles communicate to boost the ergonomic on the case.- The crown on the Urwerk plus the Volume control over the AK380 -The  large volume power over the AK380, build into the side from the case, to shield it, talks to me. It appears as if the crown in this Urwerk snugged in the case, or crown of the Rolex between its crown guards, design using a reason.Duralumin is frequently used by the truth of Digital Various models of ipods also at Astell & Kern, however the team decided this past year to launch a restricted edition from the AK240 model, in stainless steel.- AK380 in copper along with the AK240 in stainless-steel -Not due to looks, but because the steel case solves the situation of grounding. And grounding is a crucial factor, that will impact the sound of a personal player. The Duralumin sort of the AK240 has a limited ground area, a result of the materials. Stainless-steel, provides more ground points, on a larger area. Knowning that ends in an improvement in quality of sound. Good community on the various personal audio forums, it makes sense a wider sound, deeper bass and even more defined mids, as opposed to same model in Duralumin.A much greater improvement in sound was reached this year, when Astell & Kern turned their top of the line player, the AK380 in the copper version, also build in a very small special, that come to the tough core fans, right away.A lot of people have a very large CD collection and also since it is hard for everyone to transfer these CD's right into a FLAC or WAV file, the engineers from Astell & Kern created a transportable CD Ripper, that can be attached to the current line up of A&K players cartier imitation watch . The Ripper is housed inside a case created in Duralumin, of just 15 x 15 cm.- AK380 player and the CD ripper REM14 -When a CD is pushed in to the Ripper, one only needs to find the format and ripping speed as well as the process starts almost automatically. The WiFi equipped Ripper finds its way online, collects the album cover and commence to tear the CD to the desired format.- AK380 throughout the ripping process -The process might be followed on screen with the Astell & Kern Player so when the operation is finished, the album can be obtained from the music activity area of the player. For me it really works quickly and locate it ideal to make it when camping, when I go places. An alternate way to get all sorts of music in FLAC or WAV format is Bandcamp.com, or HDtracks.de and HDtracks.com (according to your region).Digital Audio players are often utilized on smaller headphones or while using what are known as  'In-Ear' phones, consider the real fanatics want to use their ability hungry full-size Audeze, MrSpeaker or another headphones some audio brands came up with portable amplifiers, for being associated with short wires to your player. That sure worked, however it was far from  convenient and appears always a lttle bit sloppy.AK380 and also the PAF11 amplifier -Astell & Kern, always keen  to blend design with convenience, solved that issue and released a clip on amplifier with regard to their 300 series. The amp is actually a designated amplifier, that may be clicked underneath the player. Evidently this adds a couple pounds, however in return, it will become one handy unit and adjusting the quantity as an example remains to be be performed within the player.- AK380 with attached amplifier - Same with powering the units, not two power plugs are required to charge them; both charge along with only one cable that's, especially on the go, very convenient. Astell & Kern, have a tendency to provides very luxury hand-made leather cases using their players, doesn't  produce a leather case to the 300 players with attached amplifier.- Hand crafted leather case by Aesopica -But like many small independent leather companies make cases for the Leica and straps for your Panerai, AESOPICA in south Korea helped out and created a good looking, also handmade leather case for that AK300 series with attached amplifier, that may be an excellent protection, especially during traveling.In case you have an LP collection; their latest development is the Astell & Kern Recorder, which will be clipped on within the player, just as the amplifier is clipped on. The AK Recorder is suitable for virtually every and all sorts of varieties of recording, whether it's a live concert, a conversation, a meeting or even an analog LP signal.AK380 using the new Recorder attached, while ripping an elpee -It is even capable of making a perfect  FLAC or WAV copy of the elpee, given it could be linked to the phono amplifier of the turntable, to record analog LP signals, like a perfect digital signal and repair easily with goods that have digital-out ports through AES3(AES/EBU) digital input ports.- AK380 along with the new recorder within a life recording, watches using microphones -But this is a truly professional recorder, that does even more than making copies of your respective elpee collection! It provides studio-quality sound and is also a reasonably amazing recorder which offers an array of features, including DSD 5.6MHz recording (the primary of this type in a portable  recorder), support for professional condenser microphones  through independent phantom power, detailed management of microphones and pre-amplifier Gains, an interface that spans both digital and analog, an electronic digital limiter for professionals, a peak hold, a low cut filter,  and support for assorted recording options  including pre-recording. A great little machine which might be taken anywhere, to execute a best wishes throughout a concert, as well as to do a simple digitization connected with an elpee, in the home with a Sunday afternoon.Astell & Kern takes music very seriously and their 300 series are definitely the only players that you can buy, that offer you, in addition to the best sound betsey johnson watch , also ripping and recording possibilities.  It's is considered one of those  brands that understand well, exactly who expect, when they're prepared to pay much more, to obtain that particular exclusive product, that matches their way of living.More info about Astell & Kern